The basic principles of LABORCONTROL are oriented towards the increase of customer satisfaction and responsible labour practices.

The development of all our employees through the continuous improvement of their personal, technical and managing capacities is a priority for the company.

La vocación de servicio integral al cliente es el valor fundamental de LABORCONTROL. La satisfacción del cliente y la búsqueda de la excelencia en el trabajo son los objetivos principales en los procedimientos de calidad de todos los servicios y ensayos.The vocation for a comprehensive customer service is the key value of LABORCONTROL. Customer satisfaction and search for business excellenceare the main objectives in the quality procedures of all the services and tests.


The commitment to quality is our business priority since it is the basis of our services.

Reliability in the results asthe basic principle of our work, supported by the market recognition.

Demonstrated professionalism based on our highly qualified and experienced staff as well as in the use of the latest technology equipment.


Customer always finds service, reliability, knowledge and commitment in LABORCONTROL. Our goal is that our customers achieve their objectives by putting at their disposal a dynamic and efficient organization.