Laborcontrolcarriesoutlaboratory andon-sitetests. Some of the laboratory tests we perform are detailed below:


This test determines the tensile strength, the deformation at breaking point and the secant modulus at 2%, 5% and 10%. This test is done with 100x200mm test pieces whichare added 50mm flaps in their widest part in order to fix them in the testing machine, obtaining in this way a 200x200mm test piece. In the case of the geogrids and the geonets, the test pieces are cut at 10 mm from any knot so the test piece has at least a row of crossed knots, excluding the ones that are hold by the jaws. The test pieces for this test are obtained through die-cut and are placed under tensile stress at a constant speed.

This test allows us to find the maximum stress that the material will withstand and the deformation at this point. These are key parameters in the installation design.