Laborcontrolcarriesoutlaboratory andon-sitetests. Some of the laboratory tests we perform are detailed below:


This test determines the resistance of polymeric geosynthetic barriers to cracking when stress is applied. This test method measures the time that the test piece,being immersed in a surface active agent at high temperature, takes to get broken after having made a notch on it and placed it under a constant tensile load.

The load to be applied is equivalent to 30% of the material yield strength at normal environmental temperature.

The stress cracking is an internal or externalmaterial cracking resulting from a traction force lower than the material mechanical strength at short-term. The acceleration of the cracking is caused by high temperatures and the molecular species existing in the surrounding environment, such as additives.

The cracking caused by stress may limit the durability of materials and this leads to the loss of their mechanical properties, among others.

Ensayo resistencia agrietamiento