Laborcontrolcarriesoutlaboratory andon-sitetests. Some of the laboratory tests we perform are detailed below:


This test evaluates the resistance of plastic materials, such as the HDPE, to deformation and the deformation range at their breaking point.

To that end, the tensile strength, the elongation at break, the stress in the yield point and the yield elongation are determined. The test is carried out with type 5 die-cut test pieces according to regulation UNE-EN ISO 527-3. A traction force in a universal testing machine with 50mm jaws is applied and their deformation is measured by means of gauge extensometers.

The materials are subjected to forces and loads when they are used. Under such conditions, it is necessary to know the material characteristics at the design stage so the stressit will bear is not excessive and the material does not get broken.

The tensile strength indicates the maximum stress that the material can bear and allows to determine the on-site safety factors.

The yield value indicates the point that produces a permanent deformation in the material when stress is applied.

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